Tandet Logistics operates a fleet comprised of chemical and food grade liquid tanks, pneumatic dry bulk tanks and hopper bottom trailers. Through our sister company, Loadmasters, we also provide railcar transloading operations.

Operating within Canada and between Canada and the United States, single compartment, multi-compartment, multi-axle and Super B-Train configurations are delivering product every day.

A broad range of service offerings, completely customizable; designed to adapt to the increasingly dynamic needs of the marketplace

  • Standard “on-demand” pickup and delivery
  • Local and long haul
  • Facilities loading management
  • Railcar transloading (to/from)
  • Order planning and capacity management
  • Route planning and optimization
  • Facilities Safety training
  • Automated Delivery Notification (ADN)
  • Customized tank configurations
  • ACE
  • ACI

Liquid liquid-serv
Single or multi-compartment, Tandet Logistics combines experience and technology to provide the chemical and food industries with unparalleled service to their customers. Route optimization, electronic dispatch systems, decades of experience and a culture of continuous improvement: the right choice for your company.

DryTandet Logistics Dry
Providing small and large cubic capacities, multi axle and Super-B combinations, Tandet Logistics is capable of meeting the diverse needs of our customers and their customers. Specializing in virgin/recycled plastics and the aggregate industries our pneumatic fleet of tanks, and the expertise backing them, will help you improve the bottom line.

Largely comprised of Super B-Train configurations, Tandet Logistics serves many industries including agriculture and manufacturing. Silo to processing facility, manufacturer to distributor, truck to rail, Tandet is there.